UCLA Game Info

Dear Members,

On September 3rd, our Fightin’ Texas Aggie football team will play UCLA at the Rose Bowl.
We have had this date circled on our calendar for more than 2 years. I look at our members in SoCal through Facebook, emails and club events.
From those that are active to those that we are only able to see once every few years, I look at what this game means to us.
This is a game that literally might only come about once every 20-25 years and we need to get our Aggies to it.

We have been given an opportunity from the 12th Man Foundation to sell tickets to our members.
After some deliberations with other officers and Board members, we have decided that we will be releasing these tickets to our members AT COST for $108.
Ticket prices are high enough and there are many other ways that our club can raise money without upcharging you on this game.
Our club will not be profiting off of any of these tickets to this game.

The exclusive link below can be used to purchase tickets. Limit of 12.
We have been told that kids under 2 can get in free if they can sit on the parents lap.

We have released this link to everybody at the same time, although Facebook users probably had a slight advantage.
These tickets are first-come, first-serve through the 12th Man Foundation until they run out.
We do not know what Section or Seat.
From my understanding, you will be mailed your ticket and you may not know your seat assignment until you get them in the mail.
However, I have been assured, that the seat will be in A&M’s allotment of tickets so you should be an in an Aggie-friendly section.

And as far as tailgating and Midnight Yell, those plans are still in the works.

Gig’ Em,

Southern California Texas A&M Club

Promo code: Aggies

Promo code: Aggies